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A Totally Unique Costa Rican Experience.Hacienda AltaGracia, an Auberge Resort offers authentic experiences rooted in the heritage and culture of Southern Costa Rica. Widely considered as the country’s agricultural capital, Pérez Zeledón is also one of the last destinations untouched by tourism. Explore the undiscovered side of Costa Rica with one of our unique adventure activities for an experience of a lifetime. With a variety of activities to do in Costa Rica, the most difficult decision is deciding where to begin. For more ideas, see our gallery of activities in Costa Rica before your stay!

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Behind the Mask of the Boruca Tribe

Uncover the history and traditions of the Boruca Tribe, one of the last indigenous tribes of Costa Rica. Known for their vibrant, intricately carved and painted masks, guests can experience the tribe’s traditional lifestyle and be mesmerized by legendary stories.
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Ultralight Flights

The adventure of a life time! Climb aboard one of our Ultralight aircrafts and let your pilot show you Costa Rica from the sky. Enjoy the scenic aerial tour of rainforests, waterfalls and the Pacific Coast where you may even spot some seasonal swimmers passing through!

Mountain Biking

AltaGracia has miles of mountain biking trails and whether you’re new to the sport or an adrenaline junkie like some of our guests, we have trails and guides to suit your appetite! For those wanting to push themselves to new limits check out the MTB Desafio Chirripó – AltaGracia 2018 that runs through the Hacienda. Read More.


Take a beautiful hike through the forests and rivers of the AltaGracia trails. The interlinked trail system provides an excellent opportunity to see the various flora and fauna we have throughout the resorts 850 acres. Be sure to stop and enjoy the water of Rio Calientillo.

Complimentary Daily Resort Activities

Embark on an unforgettable equestrian experience at AltaGracia’s world-class equestrian center where you will get to know your horse. Then allow our guides to accompany you through unpaved trails whiles taking in views of the Brunqueña and Talamanca Mountains.

Sustainable Managed Farm

Cultivating the best ingredients for our kitchen from our own organic farm, we welcome guest to dig in and get hands on in the garden. Accompany our chefs to pick fresh produce each morning for the days’ dishes. More information.

Coffee Plantation Tours

Costa Rica has a reputation worldwide as one of the premiere coffee growing countries. Visit a coffee plantation and learn the ways of planting and harvesting organic coffee in a sustainable manner.

Los Cusingos Wildlife Refuge

Nearby the Hacienda, a farm is completely surrounded by colorful mountains roaring rivers. Los Cusingos Wildlife Refuge is home to a great number of endemic species, which offer a base for foreign and national scientists and students to study biodiversity.

Cheese Workshop

Visit a sustainable home farm and learn about the process of making Authentic Swiss cheese. Get your hands dirty in the cheese making process and enjoy a memorable tasting experience.

Costa Rican Cooking Class

Experience authentic Costa Rican flavors as you join a local family for a cooking class. Discover their household techniques and customs in preparing a typical meal. Then gather round the table and enjoy the wonderful meal you’ve prepared with yours hosts. Buen provecho!


The Auberge Spa at Hacienda AltaGracia is the largest spa in Central America – offers the finest in spa, beauty and wellness amidst the serene Hacienda AltaGracia. Here at this Costa Rica spa resort oasis, you can not only pamper yourself in the best of hands but also enjoy the encompassing wonders of nature.

Boutique Shopping

On AltaGracia’s vast property you will find two ‘Tienditas’ (little shops). First is the Wine Shop where you can enjoy private tastings of the finest wines. The other is a gift shop that carries handcrafted souvenirs by Costa Rican artisans.

Culinary Experiences

Savor the remarkable dining choices at AltaGracia that offer a fusion of international cuisine with with a farm-to-table concept. Purity is crafted into every element of the culinary agenda in AltaGracia; your every sense will be amazed with this world-class culinary encounter.


Supporting our local adopt-a-tree program through FUDEBIOL-Centro Biologico las Quebradas, we welcome guests to support our Planet Auberge program by adopting a tree planted at the nature reserve. Guests hike through a rainforest to locate a tree and formally adopt it with a marker. Receive a certificate of adoption that includes the type of tree adopted along with its GPS coordinates so you can come back to visit and see how your tree has grown.


Behind the Mask of the Boruca

The indigenous peoples of Costa Rica are the peoples who lived in what is now Costa Rica prior to European and African contact and the descendents of those peoples. Once such group is the Boruca Tribe, famous for their elaborate and decorate masks. We invite you to spend the day in their remote village with our guide; hear their stories, eat their food, listen to their music and dance to the beat of their hand-made drums as learn why they strive to keep their cultural traditions and language alive.
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